About LACBfotography

I believe every moment is worth remembering – little or big. I hope that with the photos that I take, I will give someone an insight to a precious moment, give them an opportunity to capture, retain and treasure it.

My goal is to permanently conserve memories in a simple photo! I have had the pleasure of taking photos while travelling, helped out at weddings, and taken some sport shots and try to continue to expand my horizons!

Part of the blog is also to just write what I’m thinking, or a story that I think is worth sharing. I have many interests, but I will try and just keep it to mainly photography! Watch this space!

Please note, all photos here are Copyright of LACBfotography and Larissa Cortez 2012-2015. Thanks for understanding!

Contact Me

I’m currently based in Brisbane, Australia, so if you’re a local – send me an email!

To contact me, please email me to: lacbfotography@gmail.com

Sí quisieras contactarme, por favor escríbeme á: lacbfotography@gmail.com

So a Little About Me…

This is me!I have always loved photography as long as I could remember, but I never did anything about it until I was old enough to buy my own camera and go travelling.

My first memory of photography was of my father taking photos of my family – he had this beautiful film Canon AE-1 (which is now mine!). Ever since then, I have always loved capturing moments – little or big ones, anything that is worth remembering, and I believe everything is worth remembering.

I speak both Spanish and English (Español e Ingles) and trying to learn French! I love to read, my books are my best friends (after my camera of course), I love sport and martial arts, art, comics and anything crazy and nerdy!

I love travelling, meeting new people and absorbing new cultures. I love learning new things, seeing new things, hanging out with my family, my boyfriend, my dog and my friends and just savouring the world around us. I try and use these few things to inspire and motivate me. Nowadays, I try and spend as much time behind the lens when I am not doing my day job!

I will aim to update this blog as much as I can, and still provide you with quality photos! Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

More Photos

I have a 500px account where you can browse a collection of my photos. There are other photos on this page which may not make it to the blog, so if you are interested, here is a link to it:



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