Sunshine & Flowers

Every summer, South Queensland hosts these beautiful fields of sunflowers. They only grow from around December to February, sometimes March. I remember the first time I realized that they were so close to home, I wanted to go see them. Last year, L and I went to check them out. There was even a small tourist bus at the field we found! I was surprised at the noise when you’re in the field – all the bees and other insects who live among the flowers.

This year, I kid you not, L and I went 2 weeks ago and found NONE. That’s a lie, we found 2 flowers only, at the same field from last year. Then last week, I convinced my mom to come again with me as I had found another field (based off some photograph I saw on Instagram). We drove out in search of said flowers, and to my disappointment, we didn’t find any fields. We made a trip out of it though, and ended up buying some snacks at a town called Pittsworth.

But I wasn’t about to be defeated. I called up the Warwick Visitors Information Centre and asked where the last few fields were. Now, yes – I should have called the place before the first road trip – I know, but this time the lovely lady helped me out and told me exactly where to go to check them out.

Mom and I drove to Toowoomba mid morning and then headed to the New England Highway. After say a 5 minute drive out of the town, there they were. A big, yellow field, ready for photos. My mom was so patient, I think she knew I felt pretty dumb after last week and was secretly hoping I was right this time πŸ™‚

If you do ever get to go to a field like this, enjoy this bit of beauty that not everyone gets to witness. I love seeing bees around flowers myself, and seeing a massive field with lots of flowers and lots of bees, it kind of warms my heart!

DSC_0026 copyDSC_0031-001 copyDSC_0039-001 copyDSC_0062 copyDSC_0080 copyDSC_0119-001 copyDSC_0155 copy


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