N & S

Last month we attended a wedding in France, my cousin’s wedding to her love.

These 2 love birds met through mutual friends a few years ago. It happened to also be the first night that N made it to Paris. Who said Paris wasn’t the city of love?!

After a few months of preparations, the wedding was held south west of Paris, in the Loire Valley, surrounded by family and friends from all over the world. The place was absolutely beautiful, a true fairy tale destination. The flower decorations were all done my one of my aunts, who also travelled for the wedding. Check them out below, these are amazing pieces of work!


Some of us sneak upstairs to hangout while N was getting ready, where she was with the rest of the women in the family, including her mom, S’s mom and sister.

DSC_0709 copyDSC_0811 copy

N was walked down from the chateau to the small chapel that hosted the ceremony by her father. And of course, the handsome S was ready early to see his future wife. N was wearing a beautiful lace gown, and carrying autumn themed bouquet.

DSC_0038 copy

DSC_0834 copy

The ceremony was simple yet elegant and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the crowd. It was an intimate and warm setting. You can see from the photos below, that the lovers were having a lot of fun.

DSC_0159 copyDSC_0124 copyDSC_0255 copyDSC_0266-001 copy

After their exchange of vows and some crying, here you go, husband and wife! Straight to the party from here, which was also held at the chateau with some delicious food and lots of wine.

DSC_0460 copy



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