Maternity Shoot

I had never taken photos for a maternity shoot before, and since my sister was expecting, I took the opportunity to give it a go.

I believe maternity shoots are very personal – probably the most personal you can get. Not only are these beautiful women exposing themselves as they are, but they are letting you in and sharing the life that is growing inside of them. My sister was a little reluctant to try at first, but she agreed to let me take some photos for her and her partner.

We headed south to Northern NSW, to the beach. We thought we would wake up early and head to the beach at sunrise, obviously that didn’t happen, we needed to sleep in. Still, relatively early, we walked to the beach and started playing with some poses and light. As you can see from the photos, we had some fun!

The sun was a little strong for my liking, but I think we did okay with what we had. We played around with the water too, trying to make it as natural as possible.

DSC_0141 copy

DSC_0176 copyDSC_0189 copyDSC_0216 copy

DSC_0266 copy

This is my favourite photo out of the whole day!

My favourite photo out of the whole day is the black and white solo shot of I. I think she just looks stunning – just by being her.

There are some kangaroos in the area, so we tried to get them in the background too. There was a patch of native grasses with some flowers, I thought I’d get her in there too.

DSC_0366 copyDSC_0490 copy

After an hour, we went back home and went out to breakfast to a cafe close by. When we returned, we went back to taking some more photos.

DSC_0573 copy

My muse

As I & M both met in the construction industry, I an engineer and M a surveyor, it was fitting that this baby needed photos with its own little construction booties! We thought it was very cute.

DSC_0773 copy

DSC_0787 copy

If you’re trying to do this type of shoot, I recommend preparing. I had a bit of time to look up other photographers’ work, which helped a lot. My sister also had some ideas of what she wanted (it makes it so much easier to work with someone who knows what they want) so the session ran smoothly. I had some ideas myself, which I knew she’d like. Make sure you visualize in your head what you want, so once you’re on site it makes it so much easier for you to focus and concentrate. Also try and find some items that relate to the mother. My sister, likes flowers and the Pooh bear relates to the kids in our family. Little things like a hat works a treat, as you can wear it in different ways and different angles. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you use, as long as it is something that brings a smile to the mother to be.

Towards the end of the morning, it was time to pack up and go home. We had a few extra shots at the house just to see if the light would work. But we were happy with the beach session and decided to call it a day.


One thought on “Maternity Shoot

  1. Love this blog and these pictures. I hope a few of these end up on the walls. The baby boots pic is adorable! I. looks beautiful as always. Kisses for Mum, Dad and bub.
    I’m looking forward to the bub shoots in coming years.

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