At the Park

I took some family photos for my lovely cousin, Ingrid, back in April. We met at one of Brisbane’s biggest parks, New Farm Park, during a beautiful and sunny day. Perfect weather!

Ingrid chose this park as she regular takes the kids to play along and for picnics too. This park is famous for it’s large green open area, as well as the Powerhouse, which is now used as a theater and entertainment precinct at Brisbane’s valley.

We spent a good couple of hours at the park. The first area where we took some photos was at one of the largest trees in the area – I haven’t include these photos, because the below are my favourite ones!

Mr M brought his soccer ball with him – we had some fun running around. I thought using a little poka dot umbrella for Miss E would do the trick. The umbrella was actually heavier than we all anticipated for a young girl, but she managed it with style and grace, as you can see ;).

The kids had so much fun being themselves and making faces! Mr M brought his favourite jersey – Messi of course! and little Miss E was wearing one of her favourite dress. Ingrid and her husband Miguel had a fun time too – and of course, they got their own shots as well. You can see the love in their eyes whenever they look at each other!

We had a lot of fun being silly.

The person who ever said taking photos of kids is hard, didn’t work with these awesome kids!



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