Mt Tamborine <3

Happy Valentine’s Day for those of you who celebrate it! And for those who don’t believe in it, I hope you had a fun and adventurous weekend!

L took me to a small town on the top of a flat mountain south of home, called Mt Tamborine. He picked this spot as there is a high ropes/tree top challenge on the mountain, and I had been wanting to do one of these circuits for a while. While, I don’t have a photo of our adventure among the trees, I do have photos of the rest of the trip.

DSC_0694 copy

The weather throughout the trip was nice – sunny and warm, and during the evening it was cool. We ended up going to the Botanical gardens, which are small, but very cute and manageable. We went for a walk after a long day at the tree top challenge. This was good for stretching our leg muscles and ensuring that we wouldn’t be (too) sore the next day.

DSC_0742 copy

There were little girls walking around with their father, and they were drawing love hearts in the gravel. I wonder if they knew what day it was?

DSC_0747 copy

DSC_0748 copy

We got to see a few birds, I’m not sure what the first one here is called, but this Kookaburra sitting on the bench was so chilled even when we walked past it.

DSC_0751 copy

This little walkway caught my attention. The door to the unknown?

DSC_0769 copy

Beautiful tall Gum trees everywhere!

DSC_0788 copy

DSC_0792 copy

There even was a little Japanese garden set out towards the back of the gardens.

DSC_0795 copy

This bridge is probably the most photographed thing at the gardens. The reflection looks fantastic when you get the lighting just right.

DSC_0811 copy

DSC_0819 copy

DSC_0822 copy

DSC_0824 copy

My favourite part of the garden is the rose garden. For some reason, roses remind me of my mother…I don’t even think she likes roses, but they do.

DSC_0840 copyThis forest path was really cool! Unfortunately it was short 😦

DSC_0917 copy

DSC_0919 copy

We walked past this vineyard, the Mt Tamborine Vineyard, which is on the main street. It was a lively place that has a restaurant and wine tasting – go check it out if you get the chance.

Eventually we left, and made our way home. Of course, we couldn’t leave without seeing the sunset, which were were able to see from a little look out at a BnB. This was kinda nice as an ending to a little, relaxing trip.



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