More B&W

Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a fantastic time and wonderful time during the break and that the new year is filled with happiness and adventures for you all!

I found a place that processes your black and white film – so yay! I had 2 rolls that I hadn’t developed since the last time I took that course (sad to announce that the school no longer runs the course 😦 I’m not sure what happened). So just before Christmas I sent my rolls off down to Melbourne and here I am now in the new year with my +6month old photos. They turned up ok! Well…if I hadn’t damaged the film, they would be ok πŸ˜›

I’m putting up a few of them only as the rest need a bit of help. I somehow let too much light in, but lets hope the next set are not like this.

The first photo is of my brother and Newton. I really like this one – it’s nothing extraordinary, but what I love about it is that my brother looks so lovingly and caring (for Newton at least), and shows a fragility that he doesn’t usually show. Newton looks himself – always wanting a cuddle. No change there. The fact that the photo is not blurry is a plus to me too!

Best Friends

Best Friends

This one is of a couple going for their evening walk at the Williamstown marina/docks/whatever in Melbourne. Simple, relatively nice framing…not bad. Pity there is a massive stain in the middle.

Williamstown in Melbourne

Williamstown in Melbourne

This one is at Byron Bay – there is a little light house there. I’m not familiar with the history here, but we went for a day trip down south to Byron and went for a hike with dad.

Lighthouse at Byron Bay

Lighthouse at Byron Bay


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