One Hundred Followers!

To celebrate the fact that I’ve made it finally to having 100 followers, I’d like to share some of my favorite photos from this year, so here are my top 20 photos of this year. There are a few that I had not shared with you before – these are some family ones that I had taken as a favour, and some are from my latest trip which I have not been able to share with you yet. Others, hadn’t even made it to the blog but have been sitting in the back of my mind for some time now.

Feel free to let me know what you think of these. Here they are in no particular order:

1. At the Fair

DSC_0024 copy

This one I had previously shared with you all here. It’s still one of my favourites as I like the colour play with the light.

2. My Father

DSC_0069 copy Again, this one I shared back here. I happen to have a film black and white version of this photo, which I processed and enlarged myself and gave it to my father for his birthday this year. I has already framed it and keeps it in his room – he loves it and so do I.

3. Newton wants Cuddles

DSC_0085 copy

Who could say no to this boy again?

4. Isabel

DSC_0190-001 copy

This is my niece and goddaughter. I did this one for my cousin ages ago. This little cutie was having too much fun with her little turtle friend while wearing the cutest little flamenco outfit!

5. A Sister’s Love

DSC_0240 copy

This is one is of my uncle and my aunt (my mother’s siblings). This one is from the recent trip back home, where we all met up for my cousin’s wedding. My mom is one of 10 siblings, so as many of you can imagine, this trip was relatively emotional for everyone who attended. One of the reasons for going on this trip was to be present and be able to document this event and be able to share with my siblings and my cousins. I was lucky enough to be present at moments like this, where, when you think no one is watching, a moment of affection is captured. These 2 siblings have not seen each other in years, and during a moment of silence, my aunt hugged my uncle (who is the youngest of the 10). They share a special bond as she babysat him when he was a child (even heard some of those stories during the trip!). I have many more of these moments between these 2 and also the other siblings, but this one shows a calm that the others don’t. Also, this one caught my eye as it was straight after a mass dedicated to my Grandfather (celebrating 11 years of his death anniversary), and hence there was an additional tranquility to it.

6. Tia

DSC_0246 copy

This is my other aunt, N. She was also present at the wedding, and then we went to San Francisco and stayed with her and her family for an additional 5 days. I got this one of her laughing some inside joke with my mom in Carmel Mission, California. She just looks so happy.

7. Sunset at Carmel-by-the-Sea

DSC_0390 copy

This sunset was stunning. I just submitted this to National Geographic Light Assignment here. I think I spent 10 minutes taking photos while the sun was setting this afternoon.

8. Newton Freshly Bathed

DSC_0396 copy

Haha this one always makes me laugh. He is just so cheeky! I had previously posted this one here.

9. At the Markets…

DSC_0420 copy

This was a little glass bird I found hanging at the markets on a Sunday morning. It is probably not the best photo, but I liked the way the light hit the glass.

10. Hope

DSC_0431 copy

Probably one of my oldests friends, Hope being Hope. Thanks for putting up with my crap!

11. Rose

DSC_0441 copy Another one of my oldest friends – I like this one of Rose. This was an spontaneous shot. I’m happy that it’s not all focused, with some blurry sections. To me it shows the spontaneity of the day and how much fun we were having.

12. The Moon

DSC_0452 copy

Now, this one is not perfect – in fact, it’s blurry and shaky. I took this at the Red Moon even freehand. BUT. I have a goal for 2015 to take more sky and star photos so this is an incentive to learn how to take these properly. I should keep the tripod handy.

13. Gypsy

DSC_0810 copy

This lady was part of a gypsy troupe at the Medieval fair that L took me to. I have just realised that I didn’t actually share these photos with you!! I have some really good ones if I say so myself. The extra special thing about this trip is that it was my second date with L :-).

14. Family

DSC_0865 copy

This one is of my cousin and her family – I love how happy they look being themselves.

15. Dancing Gypsy

DSC_0868 copy

Again, this one is also from the Medieval fair earlier in the year. It took a few goes to try and get this shot, but I’m so glad that I had the patience to take my time. I really like my framing, and the fact that you can’t see the lady’s face – focusing more on her hips, which is the main focus in the type of dance that she was dancing.

16. Druid on Stilts

DSC_0895 copy

A model on stilts – she was supposed to be a druid I believe (they worship nature goddess). This one was also at the Medieval festival. I like the colour of the photo and also her smile, she looked at me so naturally.

17. At the Beach

DSC_1370 copy

Now, this one is from back home. This was taken at the beach, off the Zunzal Ranch at Puerto de La Libertad. The 2 women shown in the background are my aunt and my cousin. This beach is famous for surfers and also for a rock formation that looks like a pig laying on its back, hence its name, El Tunco.

18. Andrea

DSC_1396 copy

This is my cousin Andrea, taken on the same day as At the Beach. She is actually a twin, and both of them love dancing. They do a lot of theatre work and exhibitions (I hate to say I’ve never been to one of them…yet). While we were at the beach, she unconsciously started doing some dance moves. By the end, I had her dancing and jumping while we were walking, and this is one of the results.

19. Mami

DSC00057 copy

This is from my film B&W collection. This is of my mom. I like it because not only she has the flower, but she looks so calm and innocent.

20. Flowers at Home

DSCN3568 copy

This is not my favourite flower photo – but what I like about this photo is the colours. They are everywhere.


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