At the park…

Well, it has been a hell of a while since I last posted something. Sorry! I’ll try and be better from now on. My only excuses are: I’ve been working. My camera had surgery (new shutter). And I’ve been lazy. No excuses.


Today I went to a park with mom – we were supposed to go to the markets (which are held at this park, but I got the dates wrong…oops). So instead I took her to the entertainment building next to it, called the Brisbane Powerhouse. It’s a beautiful place, many people come here to take photos outside (wedding, engagement etc.), but inside they run shows, be it theater, concerts, cabaret or exhibitions. At the moment they are showing the World Press Photo Exhibition (yearly thing). After finishing the exhibition, we grabbed a coffee and took a stroll around the surrounding area.

At the very entry/exit of the building were these:





Wall art

Wall art

It wasn’t a long walk, but we came across this little guy who was having fun in the cold water: A Golden Retriever having a swim in the Brisbane river. Personally, I wouldn’t let my dog in that water, but this guy seemed to love it! It’s ok guys, his daddy was with him at all times.







By the end of the walk, we came across some rose bushes, and this one caught my eye:



And lastly, this tree.



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