Hungry Birds

We had some visitors this morning at home. We usually get some birds during the evening for a quick and easy feed – we usually leave some seeds out in the yard in an old baking pan. I know, how terrible.

The last few weekends though, when I’ve stayed in mornings however, we’ve had some Rosellas pop in our yard. It is usually just a pair of them. This time, they stayed a little longer.

This is what happened…


These little guys decided to stop by Fast-food-for-birds restaurant for a cheap and easy breakfast. They thought they would try the white weed flowers and their area first. A few pecks here and there, only tasting a times so they didn’t end up too full. There is always something else on the menu. Bird #1 flew away – probably to stand guard, while Bird #2 kept on eating. A few minutes later, some other fellas turned up to the restaurant…


Now these guys were pretty greedy. Straight to the mains without trying the entree. There was even another bird who thought they’d try the main dish, but no luck…


These guys were not sharing at all…


Who thought Lorikeets were selfish? The poor little bird kept walking on its little claws to see if they would give it a chance…


Then Bird #2 Rosella thought it would try and become friends with the Lorikeets. But alas, not luck yet. They ignored the Lorikeet and showed some defensive behaviour…even giving it the back! How rude…


Eventually, both birds never got anywhere while the 2 greedy Lorikeets ate for a few more minutes more. The Rosella eventually left. The Lorikeets eventually left. BUT…

The poor little grey bird eventually got the food! Yay! Success. Unfortunately, that’s when the dog decided to run around the yard and scared the poor bird away. It didn’t even get to enjoy it’s breakfast :(.



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