NZ on the phone…

It’s been nearly a month since my last entry – apologies for being so slack! One should make time and be disciplined!

I thought I’d try something a little different this time. Most people nowadays take photos using just their phone. I personally prefer not to do that, and I do carry a small compact camera with me at all times (even to work). However, there comes a time when taking the camera out is physically impossible. Now, I may not always agree on this (I’m a stubborn person and a part traditionalist), but in some cases, it was the fastest and probably most physically efficient way to take a photo. When you’re skiing for the first time, I don’t recommend putting your compact camera in your jacket – just take the phone with you.

So here is a quick post with some photos that I took on my phone during last year’s trip to Kiwi land. I think I learnt from the best – Hope likes to use her camera phone for everything! And she did take some beautiful photos with it.  I haven’t written much each one – but I do promise to write a full entry for each city soon. There is a short description on the bottom of each photo, but all of them have their own story to tell.

Here are some of the shots I took on the Samsung Galaxy S3 – my little friend in emergencies! I have to admit that it’s a good sturdy phone and not a bad phone camera 😉


Busker in Queenstown


Mmm drinks out one night in Queenstown!


Milford Sound on a rainy day.


The view from Cadrona

Luckily, we were able to leave on a day the road was open – we nearly didn’t make it out.


By the lake in Queenstown. This was one of our favourite spots, we sat here and had a picnic for a while, it was just so peaceful.


Eggs Benedict for breakfast – this became an unintended tradition.


On the way to Franz Josef from Christchurch! Road trip!!


There was some serious crossword-ing going on in the background. It got competitive!


Good morning Franz Josef


Breakfast in Christchurch – our last day


2 thoughts on “NZ on the phone…

  1. I love that phones have become an easy and efficient way to capture memories. Youre right when you say sometimes its not efficient to bring your big camera out and depending on what youre trying to capture, by the time u get it out the moment might be gone. Phones are often in our hands now or at least very close by so they are probs the quickest way to take photos of moving objects! These are great photos lari and you cant argue with it as much as you tried the whole trip!!

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