World’s Most Bored Dog

Most of the time, Newton is a very energetic dog. Today though, because of the high temperatures, this giant ball of fur was lethargic and slow and wouldn’t move. I don’t blame him! We hit 38 degC at my house, so it was a little hot for him.

He got a bath out of it at least.

He had a good nap and just laid around to cool himself…




Towards later in the day once the temperatures lowered, I decided to take a few photos of him. I (tried) to seat him on a bench we have at home, but the most he would do for me was put his paws on the seat. I don’t think he was in the mood to model for me. It was a good try, and here are the results :-).

He gave me his best ‘OMG-mom-you’re-taking-photos-of-me-again’ face!






This is by far my favourite:



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