Now this is probably a little bit late since we are nearly in the 10th day into the year, but I’ve just read this blog post, and I was literally inspired to do my own list.

Setting goals is something I do like doing, the problem is trying to maintain them and keep them. My issue is that I run out of time, or that I get too busy (which are no valid excuses).

So…the aim for this year is to set small goals in photography (and in regards to my blog), and make sure I meet my own expectations – sounds simple right? Let’s hope so.

So here are a few goals:

1. Complete 1 small photography project once a fortnight (say, during a weekend). This involves just taking the camera out for 10 minutes at home, and clicking that button. It doesn’t matter if you take photos of the new apple tree your father planted outside, it’s about you developing the discipline again to get the camera out and taking photos. I also have a list of photography projects that I’ve set myself, and that I slowly get through, but never seem to finish.

2. Blog at least once a week. I have so many photos that I want to share, so many stories to go with those photos, that I could probably fill a whole year’s worth of work!

3. Take more photos of family! My extended family is growing lately, new members of the family being born ๐Ÿ™‚ Little cuties! I’ll try and make more time for them to capture those short-lived moments when they are growing up…they are only cute once right?!

4. Dedicate more time to learn about my equipment! Yeah, finish reading that massive manual…

5. Try something new. By this I mean trying something totally outside my comfort zone i.e. panning (I hate panning). I read somewhere about using cellophane paper on top of your lens as filter – experiment more!!

6. Well, I was going to say travel to more cities if possible – but with this new job I got, I know I’ll be travelling to the same cities for a while…not a tourist holiday though, so the photos won’t be as charismatic? I am aiming to travel in general with family and also close friends, so hopefully that works out for me and this blog!

7. Blog in another language! Yes – that’s right! My first language is Spanish, so you’d think I would write in that right? I am learning French so I should try and practice. Why not? The blog is about my photographs anyway, so if a reader cannot be bothered reading, they can still see the photos ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yo hablo Espaรฑol!

Yo hablo Espaรฑol!

8. Read more blogs. Hey, come on let’s face it. We’re a community and we all need each other’s support.

9. Promote my blog – I hardly do this, mainly because I get too lazy and because I get a little shy when doing this…

10. Prepare a small portfolio – just for me and for fun ๐Ÿ™‚


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