A Day in the Life of…Batman?!

This little project started out as homework for a photography club I attend. The assessment was to pick an object, and take photos of it, doing things you would think it would do if it were alive. During this time, I was given (as a gift), a small LEGO (C) set of Batman & Catwoman – you know, the one with the little bike? Anyway. Since I’m a HUGE fan of Batman (as you’ve probably already known), I decided that the topic of my assessment would be Batman.

I had a lot of fun doing this assessment, most probably because I got to play with Lego. I was so excited, I actually went out and bought 4 other, rather large, Lego sets that are part of the promotion DC Comics has right now with Lego (you can tell I’m a geek right?). I was at home anyway and had some spare time. I also got my little brother into it, so he seemed to enjoy it.

I ended up also having a few other characters – Joker, Superman and Wonder Woman to name a few. I had some spare random Lego mini figures lying around the house as you do, so I used those too. As a back-drop, I used a black sheet in some cases, and in others as you can see, I actually have a special cardboard with buildings painted on it – which in fact is Gotham City (it was part of the packaging from the special edition Arkham City PS3 game that came with the limited edition statue – which I own).

I also happen to have a Matchbox car of the Batmobile or the Tumbler, and last but not least, I have a mini Batsignal. It works too – light and all…very cute ;). I tried to picture him doing things that I would do if I were a superhero. I mean seriously, you’d talk to your fellow heroΒ colleagues, maybe ever over a hot cup of coffee, and discuss current cases. You’d also want to exercise your mind at one point to relax or forget the night before, and once you’ve finished crime-fighting, you’d want to know if your theatricals made it to the newspaper.

Below are my final photos – I think you’d have a good laugh with these!

1 – Work around the batcave…

2 – Exercising the mind

3 – Washing the Batmobile

4 – Picking flowers for his love

5 – Assessing crime on the Batcomputer

6 – Meeting with Catwoman

7 – Another meeting with Catwoman

8 – Meeting with Commissioner Gordon

9 – World’s Greatest Detective

10 – Fighting the Joker & TwoFace

11 – Fighting Gotham’s Criminals

12 – Discussing cases with the JLA

13 – Fighting crime with the JLA

14 – Dancing after a night out on the tiles

15 – Reading newspaper in the morning




7 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of…Batman?!

  1. Haha. These are brilliant! Well done LABC.
    Love the cat woman in smack down mode. You might have the wrong backdrop for it though πŸ˜›

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