Ok, we’ve all heard of him, even seen some of his work. The first time I was in London, I didn’t get to see any of his work (horrible, I know!), so I made it my number one priority (ok, number two), to go on a Banksy hunt while I was in London. And right now, with the Olympics & Paralympics hype and tourism, I wish I could be there to see his new stuff!

So I will start from the top. While my cousins and the rest of the family were at work, I had decided to go downtown and just walk on my own. When I realised that I didn’t really have any sense of direction, or aim (I had done all the big sites and touristy stuff before), I went into a Starbucks and just sat down to think. I remember thinking, what is the one thing in London that I haven’t seen/done, that is only in London? Banksy of course. Many people like to cover up his work, and some of it is temporary, so why not try and check out as many as possible?

So the next day I got on a bus, and went to the closest painting to where I was staying. I had stayed up half the night trying to locate the closest ones, and found a few good ones. I took some bus (don’t remember the number or the destination), and walked 20mins to get to the wall where the painting was. I got there only to find a MASSIVE mural of graffiti – and NOT Banksy’s. I was so angry that someone would have painted all over it, I left in such a hurry, and started walking back to the bus stop. To cut the story short, I went back into town, met up with a friend, and she recommended my a bus number that I could take, and it would take me to the other side of town where a few more Banksy works have been discovered.

The bus driver even laughed at me when I told him what I was doing – said that the piece that I was going to see, was half covered and not worth it – ooh you let me be the judge of that. He was kind though, he even told me at what point I had to get off and cross the street. Once I was standing in front of the art, I looked back towards the bus and I see him looking at me, as if waiting for my reaction to the mess someone had done to the painting. I turned and just gave him the thumbs up with a massive smile. He just laughed and waived :), making his way to this next stop. This is the piece of art I am talking about:

Tesco Flag

This is painted on the side of a pharmacy on Essex Road! I hate what someone has done to the kids on the left, and then writing over the plastic bag (it’s supposed to be blue and white stripped flag). I don’t like Robbo. Right next to the pharmacy is a coffee shop, named Banksy. I went in there and had a drink – the place is seriously cool, they have Banksy art work on canvas, which you can buy as well.

Mmm artful coffee

NOW. My favourite!! Down on Rivington Street, at the Cargo Beer Garden, are not one, but TWO pieces covered by perspex. I walked from the other side of town to go see this, and it was worth it!

His Master’s Voice

The other piece at Cargo

Further down Essex Road, is this little guy. I think it is Banksy, but I’m not sure. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Also, this dog is actually on a bin in Hackney on the East side, just off Evering Road…My cousin showed me this dog, and we both think it belongs to him too.

Squirrel & Dog

And the lucky last piece I found was in The Grange. I walked all the way from Liverpool Street station for this. I stopped by the Design Museum (the Christian Louboutin exhibition was on…) and had a chai latte at a coffee shop first.

Choose your Weapon

Again, someone has tampered with it and drew over the original dog. But, it’s alright it’s covered with perspex and safe now 🙂

Anyway, hopefully next time I’m in London town, I can see more of this work!


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