Bhaktapur is the last city I will write about. It used to be Nepal’s capital cities back in the day, and it is so rich in culture, art and artisans, it’s incredible.

We only spent one night here, and it was enough to check out the town. We stayed near one of the major squares (I’m sorry again, I don’t know the name) and near one of the Hindu temples (not the one near the Golden Gate). We did get to see the Peacock window, and directly in front of it, is a paper shop. The shop is small, but well placed – but the real gem is the paper factory, which is behind the shop! This was probably the highlight of this city’s visit for me – I was amazed at the production work and their process! I was so excited (you can tell I like stationery, right?), we were given a tour of the place, even went up to the terrace and had a view of the city. The owner knew our tour guide, so they were very kind. Yes, I did buy some paper, a notebook and a few bookmarks actually.

Peacock Window

Let’s make some paper!

We had a good walk throughout the city. We visited Dubar Square – and saw the Golden Gate, the Lion’s Gate, the Palace of 50 Windows etc. As we were walking along the backstreets, we went through the markets, potter’s workshops (one guy even charged me for taking a photo :/), we even found a rock ping pong table. Artists displaying their paintings, their rugs, we even stopped by a small art school, where the children sold their hand painted bookmarks (these were actually pretty cool).

The Golden Gate

Nyatapola Temple


Pottering is a tough job…

Some of the artisan’s work…

Now, when I was in Kathmandu, we went to a Thangka paint school – since then, I had been wanting to buy one to take home with me, but I hadn’t had the opportunity to do so, and I didn’t think I would get time on the way home. SO, our tour guide was most kind, and took us to another school. I was able to buy a mandala for my mom πŸ™‚

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the photos!



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