CRUvsCRU Superhero Squeeze for Kids!

How many superheroes can you fit in a car? Well, that was the question that was asked by the CRU crew last week. CRU Digital conducted a fundraising event for ACT for KIDS, and abused kids charity in Australia. Last Thursday, as part of their campaign, CRU organized some wonderful volunteers, all dressed up as their favorite superheroes, and stuffed in a Suzuki Grand Vitara. Yes, that is right! And an amazing 22 superheroes were able to fit! Batman, Catwoman, Superman, Ezio from Assassin’s Creed, Scarecrow, a couple of Jokers and many more lively characters participated in raising awareness for abused kids. Many tourists and people popped in and said hello, took photos with their favorite heroes, and the kids loved it. Some even scared of the costumes!

I was lucky enough to volunteer as photographer for CRU, so I enjoyed combining two of my hobbies, comics and photography for a great cause. No kids, I didn’t dress up. It is a little uncomfortable wearing some tight costume, bending down to try and get a good angle – so no costume for me. I did however, wear my Catwoman t-shirt, my Batgirl sneakers, and my Batman necklace :).

If you want more information on the campaign:

There will be more events in the coming weeks, so watch this space!

There were many fantastic costumes on the day, I wish I could put all of them up, but I have only uploaded a few and here they are. All the volunteers did a great job, and I cannot wait to do this again sometime. I hope you enjoy!

Superhero Squeeze!!!

A couple of Batmans…



Our Superman!

That’s 22 superheroes in one car…

The Dream Team

Batman & Nightwing caught the Joker…


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