A New Member in His House

I’ve mentioned my baby niece before, Miss E, and this time, it’s for her baptism. Miss E was baptized a few days ago, along side her beautiful family :).

It was a long and eventful day, but Miss E was well behaved and looked beautiful as always. She’s such a happy baby (obviously because she knows her family is pretty cool and we all love her) and looked absolutely beautiful in her white silk dress. My cousin prepared a really cool lolly buffet – that’s right, you read that correctly, lolly buffet (or candy for the Americans). It was so good, I’m still eating my leftovers. The  service was nice, all her family attended and she smiled proudly.

Anyway, here are a couple of the shots of the beautiful Miss E :).

Hello Missy!

At the church…

Miss E with her Papi 🙂

Lolly Buffet!!


One thought on “A New Member in His House

  1. Lari as I’ve said to you already – these photos are just incredible! You did such an amazing job and you put so much love into taking every single photo. Thanks so much xoxo

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