#3 Something Old…Something New: Rome

Ok since I am doing the ‘classic’ cities, the next one on the list is Rome or Roma how I like to call it.

The few days we were in Rome were so much fun. We had all the major things planned, the Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Fountain of Trevi etc. I cannot even remember where we stayed, all I remember was the terrace overlooking most of the city. We would stay up late and go upstairs to check it out and drink some coffee.

We had some interesting encounters too. I won’t write all of them down, you had to be there to understand the joke. There was one time though, we went to dinner to a local restaurant. The waiters would start dancing to the music and bring out customers to the dance floor. I was one of the lucky ones that was asked to dance, but I don’t think I’ve ever gone so red in my entire life! Then when I went back to sit down, the waiter asked for a kiss! Very forward haha 😛

Anyway, here are some shots from the trip.


Just outside the Colosseum…

Inside the Colosseum!

Capitoline Hill with Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II at Piazza Venezia

Fruit cart

Trevi Fountain

Our dinner at that cheeky restaurant…

I want one of these!!



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