Nathan & Hannah

I had a lot of fun doing this shoot. My friend Nathan proposed to his long time wonderful girlfriend, Hannah during the Easter Break, and they asked me to do a small ‘engagement shoot’.

The shoot took place in Toowoomba, a city just outside of Brisbane. It was a nice, sunny day, beautiful to be honest. The sky was clear and blue, I couldn’t have asked for better weather. We started off at Queen’s Park, since it is one of the largest parks and there are some very good spots that we could have used to get some good photos. It was fun getting the guys in position, trying to making them feel comfortable in front of the camera (although there were moments where I made Nathan feel so awkward! Sorry Nathan!), getting the lighting correct and even trying to get the camera to do what I wanted it to do.

We tried a few different things, using the gardens around the park too. We also went to a memorial park next to Queen’s Park (don’t remember the name oops!) and to Picnic Point – which is where Nathan proposed. I think my favorite photo is Β at Picnic Point, where the lovers are laying down and looking at each other, while caressing each other’s heads. I didn’t really need to tell them anything, they shone their magic instantly – and I think, THAT is true love.

Anyway, technically speaking, I think the hardest thing was trying to play between the really strong light, and then change immediately to a shadowed area. We managed though, and I think the photos came out very pretty. You could see the love between these 2 lovebirds ;). I know they will be happy together in their next step in life together.

So, Nathan & Hannah, I hope you enjoy these photos, and I hope you had as much fun as I did with this shoot. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life and your special moment, I appreciate it.

I hope you all enjoy!

Lovers in the air…


Picnic anyone?




Lovers under a tree…

Sunny lovers!


Lovers in Love

Let me know what you think guys! I would love to hear your comments.


2 thoughts on “Nathan & Hannah

  1. Lari – this is wonderful photography!! Well done – I can’t wait for you to shoot Elizabeth’s christening next Saturday πŸ™‚

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