#2 Something Old…Something New: Paris

Ah Paris…the city of lights, the city of love?

Just kidding – I’m not really into that lovey dovey stuff πŸ˜‰ (although I think I fit into the category of hopeless romantic).

Paris – one of my favourite cities in the world (not that I’ve been to that many cities). I love it because it is full of history, full of future too. I’ve been to Paris a couple of times, it never gets old. There is always something new to see, to experience, to eat etc. The first time I was in Paris I was with my cousins – even though we had a short time there, we had a great time. The second time, I took my father for a EuroTrip.

What are my favourite things about Paris? Hmm I have to admit the Louvre is on the top of the list. I love art (and like I’ve mentioned before I’m not an expert at it – I wish I was!). I love going to the Tour Eiffel, and just sit down and watch the people around me, the hopeless romantics proposing at the top floor of the tower (I saw one, they was so cute! And she said yes). I don’t know if you have noticed, but there is an embossed footprint on one of the floors – it’s embossed in the concrete. I wonder what worker accidentally stepped in wet concrete all those years ago? What was his name? What did he do?

Eiffel Tower at night...this in fact is from the first trip!

Long lost footprint? At the Eiffel Tower

One place I will never forget for sure is Rodin’s Museum. WOW. That’s really all that described it for me. WOW. Gates of Hell – WOW. Such detail – how could a human being perfect such a thing?! I was amazed. I personally think it is better than the Thinker, but hey that’s just me.

Gates of Hell - by Rodin

Montmartre! The cool, arty and hip side of town! I’ve always stayed in this area for both my visits. It’s full of young people (and old too…), but it’s so natural to me – such a weird thing to say I know. I love the coffee shops, the book stores that I found and the artists trying to make a living on the street. It really is a city of dreams.

Going to the top of Montmartre towards Sacre Cour

Now my favourite structure, church, monument – whatever you want to call it: Notre Dame. I’m not a religious person, but for some reason this cathedral gives me peace. I don’t know if is the vastness of the cathedral, the detail in architecture, the history behind it, the amount of people who go there or the city it is in, but I just love sitting inside it. I’ve never quite figured out why, and I don’t think I really want to. The other thing about Notre Dame, is that when I was a little girl, my sister and I watched the Disney movie – and for some reason she ended up nicknaming me Quasi (for Quasimodo the hunchback for those who don’t know the story). So I went all the way up to the tower and rang the bell just for her :).

Notre Dame

View from the top of Notre Dame towards Montmartre

I think truly the best part of Paris was travelling with dad. Yes, he did act like a ‘dad’ sometimes, but hey, I should be used to it by now.Β ad and I both have very similar tastes, in art, sport, philosophy and many other things. He was always willing to try something new (even if he didn’t know what he was supposed to be doing), and he supported my decisions throughout the trip (except the one where I made him walk all the way to the top to Sacre Cour – he really wasn’t happy about that one). It was just nice to hang out with him, away from the continual work stresses, being away from the world we live in, and just experience something new. It was worth it.

My dad πŸ™‚

Among these places, we also stopped by L’arc de Triumph, Champs-Elysees, the Luxor obelisk in Place de la Concorde (seriously huge and beautiful), and even stopped by L’Eglise de Madeleine – that’s Mary Magdeline’s Church, but we were a little late unfortunately.

The Obelisk of Luxor in Place de la Concorde

We also stopped by Versailles for a day trip. Now, this was an interesting morning. We went through the whole palace, as you do, going from room to room, from exhibition to exhibition, took us may 2 hours at least? We had left our bags at the entrance (you’re not allowed to take your bags inside) which was a bit silly because the gardens are on the other side, and people sit down and have a picnic. We were so tired and hungry, dad went back all the way to the entrance and got our bags. We had (I kid you not), 1 avocado between us, some crackers I had, a tube of those stringy cheese each and for a drink we just had these little juice poppers. It was the best lunch ever and one of my most memorable days. We hired a little golf cart (which I managed to get stuck), and just drove around the gardens. We didn’t go to Marie Antoinette’s gardens, I didn’t really want to, I was too tired and grumpy from lack of food haha.

Versaille gardens...

Anyway, I wouldn’t mind going back to Paris, practice my French, go to a few of the places I didn’t get to go to last time, go sit where Picasso sat, etc. I hope you’ve liked the photos :).


One thought on “#2 Something Old…Something New: Paris

  1. Oh my goodness the Versailles gardens are beautiful! I didn’t know you were such a francophile! We will have to practise our French on each other next time we catch up πŸ™‚

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