Supa Nerdy!

Hi my name is Larissa, and I’m a nerd…and proud of it.

So it’s April, and the Supanova convention is on at the Gold Coast here in Queensland. For those of you abroad, Supanova is the Comic-Con equivalent in Australia. I have been going there non-stop for years now, and this year they had the first one at the Gold Coast. I won’t dwell into the details so much, but let’s just say it was a mission to get there in the first place!

Anyway, as usual, you’ve got your dedicated fans who go hard-out with costumes. I admit I wouldn’t mind dressing up one day, but it’s difficult trying to carry your camera, your bag with the items you have just bought from your favourite comic book store, and trying to pose for people at the same time. Tough! Hats off for those who did that though! Respect!

The main reason why I really wanted to go to this one was because Carlos Pacheco was going to be there. He is a Spanish illustrator who has done some work for Marvel and DC – me being a big DC fan and owning some novels with his work – I had to get one signed. So what I like his work πŸ˜›

I think I did a little better than just an autograph – I asked him to draw Batman for me! It took a while because he was busy, but it was totally worth it! Check this out!


Batman by Carlos Pacheco for meee!!

Anyway, now that I’ve stopped giggling and jumping around like a little girl (I’m so framing that!), I can get on with the story. I’ve attached some photos from the day. Xena and Gabrielle made an appearance, Death was giving away free hugs, Daft Punk was seen dancing in between booths, both Alien and Predator were well behaved, hell, even Tony Stark took some time out of his busy schedule to take some photos with fans. Batman was posing outside for a while, I think he was warming up for tonight – and Harvey Dent’s face was looking nice and fresh. Some pretty awesome costumes by the fans – thumbs up!

There were a few Dr. Who fans, A LOT of Star Wars and Star Trek fans, so many anime/manga and video game fans too.

The vendors/exhibitors and the volunteers were fantastic, the organisers did a great job too. I loved seeing families dressed up (or not), with their kids. Parents teaching/showing kids what cartoons or superheroes they grew up with etc. I know I certainly would do that if I ever have children! Hopefully the next Supanova is just as fun. Please forgive Β the inconsistency in photo sizes – you can still click on the photo for the full image.

Free hugs? Oh, yes that is me ...

Harley & Mr. J

Mini Spiderman with Black Widow & (Miss) Captain America

Some of the Avenger's team...

Gabrielle & Xena

I'm Batman!

Catwoman & Two-Face



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