Haaa Yahh!

Last weekend I attended the QKF Karate Regional Championships, where I not only took photos of some of the competitors, I actually competed (sorry kids, no photos of me on the blog ;-)! ).

The tournament was held over the whole weekend, with Kata being performed on Saturday, and Kumite (combat) on Sunday. Kids from all ages where there, little kids, school kids, and big kids (a.k.a. adults). It was fantastic seeing all these young little ones advance in their sport. I was so surprised (and shocked) how so many of these kids knew really advanced katas (your forms). Or maybe it was just me? It was my first tournament, so I admit I was a little nervous.

I got third in my kata division (woohoo!) and I got second in kumite (I got my butt kicked). But all in all, it was fun, I learnt something new, and went through a new ‘experience’. I honestly did not think that I would ever do something like this in my life – I had always dreamed of it, but never thought I’d really do it. So there is one tick off from the bucket list!

One of our club’s competitors was Sean – he also competed in both kata and kumite. He got bronze in kumite (great job Sean!). Some of his photos are below.

We must thank Sensei Bob for his patience in training, and Kathleen our team captain for devoting all her weekend for us! And it was her birthday too so double (or triple) thanks! All of us who competed could not have done it with out them.

So maybe as the year goes, I might attend another tournament – and add more photos of competitors as I go through. Enjoy!!

Bassai Dai




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