Artful Machinery

I was at a children’s birthday party over the weekend – it was at a park. One of the interesting things about this park, it used to be an old milling station for limestone and not sure what else – but they produced cement. Anyway, most of the old conveyor structures, some chutes, shafts, and a massive crushing mill, have been left there and set up as art and decoration.

As an engineer, you know, I couldn’t resist and I went and had a wander with my camera and found all these interesting pieces of old equipment. The park itself was massive, green, overlooking the river, it was beautiful.Β It was a rainy and grey day, but it was worth going and spending time with family and friends.

Here are a few of the shots I took.Β Hope you like these!

Old roller conveyor


Old pump impellers

Rocks used as a retaining wall

Old mill


3 thoughts on “Artful Machinery

  1. was this rocks riverside park? it’s a really cool place! i love the way you can see the river, the park and gardens and then the cool old machinery stuffs all at once – its such a cool combination

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