Abejita Bonita…

Meet Elizabeth.

This is my beautiful 6 week-old niece, daughter of my cousin Ingrid and her husband Miguel. I wanted to do something different for them and for Elizabeth, but I wasn’t sure what. I knew that Ingrid liked Anne Geddes and her work, so I thought I could give it a try. I have never taken photos of newborns before, or dressed them up for projects for that matter, but hey – there’s a first time for everything right? At least with a photo, the memory will last a life time.

So we tried a few different things, baby in a basket (it is not as easy as it sounds!), laying on the floor on her own, and also: in a bumble bee swimsuit! She looked so adorable (in every style of course! πŸ™‚ ) but Little Miss was tired, sleepy and hungry, and her horrible aunt had made her pose for too long! We ended up setting a black backdrop (a black blanket – works wonders), and just laid her down comfortably on her blanket. We used some yellow flowers to balance the contrast – as she has beautiful jet-black hair. Trying to get down and set up the camera to actually be inline with her was a little uncomfortable, but hey – we managed! She did move a lot a few times and I did not focus fast enough to get some of those poses, but most of the shots turned out great.

Someone once told me that photographing children and animals was the hardest thing to do – I now know what he meant, and agree 100%. There are a few things I would work on – one being preparation. But other than that, I was happy with the results πŸ™‚ Ingrid – you were awesome, thanks for letting me do this!Β So here is one of the final shots, hope you enjoy it. Isn’t she so cute?!!

Little Miss Elizabeth


3 thoughts on “Abejita Bonita…

  1. Lari! What can I say – you were amazing! You are really patient (yes, Elizabeth was a little cranky wasn’t she?!) but the photos just turned out so beautiful. I really could not have been happier – they are just so wonderful. Thank you so much for such a great idea, my dear cousin. Love you lots xoxo

  2. I looooooooove this photo! Your talent is just getting better and better Lari. I think this is just the start of great photos to come from you xo What a lovely thing to do. I must get you to do something like this for mr panda xo

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