First thing is first – Picasso is in Australia. Second thing: travelling with friends is an experience we all should experience really. So if you’re able to, why not mix both of them?

My friend Ana and I had organized to go to Sydney to see a close friend of ours – Kimber (we all went to school together – primary and secondary) for one weekend. To keep her company, make her day, and also to get a break from our busy lives here in Brisbane. The trip was not meant to be long, or heavy, just relaxing. To cut a long story short, we hang out, had dinner and went to the CBD during our longest day there. I got a few shots of people in Hyde Park while I was there, so I’ve put some photos here for you to have a look. It was rushed moment, but better than nothing. We witnessed three wedding photo-shoots, some elderly men challenging themselves with a game of giant chess, and a few other things. There was a young man playing his trumpet to Latin music as a street performer – he was so good I bought his CD!

Now, back to the first point I was trying to make – Picasso is in Australia. That’s right, his exhibition from the Musee National Picasso, Paris is in Sydney. Ana and I had made it our number one priority (sorry – number two, Kimber you were number one!) to go and see the exhibition. I’m very glad and satisfied that we went – whoever reads this and is in Sydney, definitely go. It’s worth paying the money and having a look. I like art, but I never focused on it, and this made me wish I had. I hadn’t seen ‘La Celestina’ or ‘Olga’ – and I was amazed. A few pieces left me with my mouth open – too many to name or remember. You couldn’t take photos inside though.

I learnt a couple things from this quick trip: One, that I miss travelling…a lot! and two: I learnt that I can travel with my friends! I think that you can travel with people that you are not afraid of upsetting – you know you will get over whatever it is they did to annoy you, and they will too. Somehow you are more patient and understanding, and you know you’ll still be friends with them once the trip is finished.

I had a wonderful time with Ana and Kimber – can’t wait to do it again!

Hope you enjoy the photos πŸ™‚


Young aspiring trumpeter...

One of the wedding parties at Hyde Park

White Knight


What's my next move...?


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