Ohhh yeahhh…

One of the greatest things about taking photos of your best friend is that they don’t complain about the photos you take of them. Especially your 4-legged, furry, best friend. They don’t care what you are doing, as long as you are spending time with them. That’s what I love about dogs, they don’t judge you, they just love you for who you are. How humane is that, right?

Meet Newton. Golden retriever, 2 years old, and my 4-legged companion. He’s my buddy, my good boy, my baby, whatever you’d like to call him. No, he doesn’t know that I’m posting this. No, I don’t think he’d mind. In fact, I think he’d love it. He loves the attention he receives at home, at the park, walking down the street – all the attention he gets. He’s also becoming a bit of a poser – I think he finally understands what I’ve been trying to do for the last few months.

SO we did a little exercise at home, and see how cool he really is. I got my pair of Ray Bans, a straw hat and dressed him in his favourite bandanna. And voila! Here you have an incredibly cool, chilled and relaxed dog. The photos speak for themselves I think. If only he behaved like this everyday! It was a little difficult trying to get him sit straight and still, but we managed to control him after a while. I also found out he really likes apples – Pink Lady apples in particular!

I hope you enjoy these!




4 thoughts on “Ohhh yeahhh…

  1. Lari!!! Newton is so cute!! it’s hard to say a big dog like him is cute, but he totally is!!!!! and they’re awesome photos too – they way you’ve done them and all that! love it!

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