Issita & Jamie

Don’t you just love weddings? I do…especially if they are family weddings. This for me means eating, dancing, laughing and spending time with my family. I love them as it is one of the rare times that we all get together to celebrate.

So recently my cousin got married. She looked beautiful – as always, and the groom looked dashing. The wedding ceremony was held at a beautiful garden, next to a lake out in Mt Pleasant in Wollongong, NSW. The birds were chirping, the sun was shining and night was waiting, the perfect recipe for a great wedding!

I’ve added a few photos to share, the rest will be for the eyes of the happy couple of course! Let me know what you think…

Finally married!

The Bride: Issa

The Groom: Jamie

Bridesmaid: Vero

Proud Papás

Somos novios...

My fantastic cousins...

Happy couple


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